Petition to Lift the Ban on Sharing Antimicrobial Copper Research

“We the people ask Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US EPA, to instruct the EPA to lift the ban and allow producers, manufacturers, and users of antimicrobial copper to make infection reduction claims that are proven and supported by peer-reviewed research that promote the use of copper surfaces to fight infections and ultimately save lives.”

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Petition Signers (469)
Mar 7th, 2018
CAROL G. from Pinehurst, TX signed.
Mar 3rd, 2018
JOHN P. from West Chicago, IL writes:
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Lift the ban on promoting this proven infection fighting tool! It's proven science not theory and its properties have been known for centuries! Stop impeding bacterial transmission prevention due to buerocratic ignorance and ineptitude.
Feb 27th, 2018
Jon N. from Flossmoor, IL signed.
Feb 5th, 2018
CONRAD M. from Spokane, WA writes:
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With the rise of the "superbug", using a completely safe, abundant, and attractive product to help slow the progression of these seems like a no-brainer.
Jan 18th, 2018
Anthony M. from Saratoga Springs, NY writes:
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HAI's are a MAJOR problem in the world and it is unfair to keep this information from Americans. This information should be freely distributed.
Dec 26th, 2017
shirin d. from Escondido, CA writes:
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Copper Kills on Contact. Don't ignore this metal that can save lives. There were over 29,000 deaths in the age group of 65+ community due to contacting Clostridium Difficile. Copper kills this bacteria; along with so many more.
Dec 2nd, 2017
Macieknaf M. from Leckrone, PA signed.
Nov 7th, 2017
shirin d. from Escondido, CA writes:
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this is an important step to help all those who have been afflicted with infections acquired in a health care setting. My daughter was one such person. And, I am a health care provider myself.
Oct 30th, 2017
David B. from Louisville, KY signed.
Sep 20th, 2017
DONALD B. from MILWAUKIE, OR signed.

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